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What Picture It Custom Offers

Custom Printing: Designs, Materials, Products



How to Place a Custom Print Order

Decorating with Custom Wall Art and Custom Prints

Custom Print Gifts

     What’s a good gift for my relatives?

     What’s a good gift for my friends and people I know?

     What’s a good gift to give for the holidays?

Buying Custom Prints Wholesale

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Customer Service, Reviews, and Testimonials

What Picture It Custom Offers

Picture It Custom specializes in custom wall art and printing, as well as other unique home décor and custom gifts for you and your loved ones. We offer the best value for the lowest price—and our family-run business customizes each and every piece (learn more about our story here). Our goods are all made in the U.S.A. on-site, and our customers have told us, time and again, that our work is long-lasting and high-quality. We specialize not just in typical wall hangings to enhance a space but also custom, modern interior design trends. Our décor ideas are unique, and we offer ideas, tips, and tricks about how to use and display photos on our Picture It Custom blog

Custom Printing: Designs, Materials, Products


How do I put a picture on metal?

First, you’d choose a hi-res photo. Then you’d identify exactly which type of print you’d like to use and the design (squares/rectangles, whimsical shapes, washboard, panoramic, round, or a number of other options below). You’d upload the photo and center it, then you’d adjust the color if needed, rotate, and zoom in or out on the image. You can choose the specifications of the wall hanging, if available, review your piece, and click Add to Cart. 

Design and sizing: metal prints and photos

We imprint your photos into recycled aluminum at our Tennessee workshop with exceptional image clarity. A glossy protective finish makes your metal prints easy to clean with a soft cloth. Our standard metal prints come in 5x7, 6x6, 8x10, 11x14, 12x12, and 16x20 inch sizes. We also offer metal prints with unusual shapes and sizes, wavy washboard prints, long, panoramic prints, and photo stands.  

Custom metal signs, street signs, custom street signs, metal street sign

We offer traditional street signs as well as custom, quirky road signs that are ideal for a bedroom or other fun home space. Our signs can express all sorts of different ideas, from protecting the privacy of a teenager’s bedroom, to keeping Dad’s man cave off limits, to showing who sets the rules with a One Way sign.

Picture clock/photo wall clock

You can personalize your clock to fit your home or office decor with a photo wall clock. Choose from round, square, and dayton clock shapes in 8-inch or 12-inch sizes. Clock styles include none, lines, standard numerals, and Roman numerals. Numerals can be printed in white or black.


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How to Place a Custom Print Order

What can I make into a print? How do I make a custom print? How big does my photo need to be? 

Any photo that has a high enough resolution is eligible to make into a print. The resolution depends on the size—please feel free to reach out to understand the specifications. Once you have chosen a photo, you can zoom in and out and adjust the color or make the image black and white as you’re placing your order.

How is image resolution measured?

PPI (Pixels Per Inch) measures the resolution of a digital image (on a computer, camera, or a mobile device). The higher the PPI, the higher the resolution of the image will be, and the clearer the image will appear when printed.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) measures the resolution of a printed image, and indicates the number of ink dots per inch within an image. We calibrate our professional printers with expert precision to ensure that high resolution images (125 PPI or higher) print beautifully.

What are some other elements that affect my image's resolution?

It's important to note that your printed image’s appearance in print may be affected by more than the number of pixels in the image:

Well-lit images will contain more visual detail than darker images (especially for photos taken on a phone).

Digital zoom
Using a digital zoom feature will crop a portion of the image, and then enlarge it back to size. Image quality will be reduced relative to the original photo.

Enlarged photos
Increasing the size of an image will not increase its resolution accordingly. For instance, increasing the size of a photo 200% will cause the pixels within the image to become twice as large, resulting in a larger, but lower quality image.

How should I prepare my image files?

Ideally, files should be JPG format, Adobe RGB color embedded, and 200-300 PPI at print size.

How do I upload a photo?

You can download a photo from your device (phone, iPad, computer), from a link, from Facebook or Instagram, from a web search, or from Google Drive. 


How do I hang a photo?

If available depending on the item you’ve chosen, you will have the ability to decide between a variety of hanging options that will most easily match the type of wall hanging that you can put on your wall.

I need a 5x7 metal print, 6x6 metal print, 8x10 metal print, 11x14 metal print, 12x12 metal print, 16x20 metal print,

We have all of these sizes available; simply pick the size you’re interested in from the available options and proceed with your order. Contact us if you’re looking for something in a different size from what’s listed on the website. We will try to accommodate and quote customers who call us with projects and products that are not found on our site. 


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I need a panoramic print, washboard print, differently shaped print, unusual print.

We absolutely do all sorts of custom orders, including prints with unusual shapes and sizes, collages, wrapped prints, panoramic prints, washboard prints, and other unique items. If you can’t find the exact item you’re looking for, simply reach out to us. 

Shipping and returns: How long will my order take?

The standard production time for an order is 3 business days (longer for holidays and other peak times). All orders begin production within one business day from purchase (please note that we are closed on Fridays except during peak times, so any order placed on Thursday will begin production on the following Monday). During major holidays, we'll post the order cut-off dates so you may ensure your gifts arrive at the destination in time. You can read more here.

Decorating with Custom Wall Art and Custom Prints

There are so many ways to make your home décor feel new and modern, and it’s no longer expensive to purchase unique pieces as affordable wall art. Among the most popular design trends are gallery walls, textural pieces, larger designs including signspops of color, and other kinds of personalized wall art


Picture It Custom provides options for all these designs at extremely affordable prices. 

  • How do I build a gallery wall? Our options allow you to purchase prints in groups of three, either in identical sizes or with one image smaller or larger than the rest. Those three can serve as a small gallery wall in and of themselves, or they can serve as the base, around which more photos, prints, and engravings can be hung. Purchase another set of three to quickly build your wall; just keep the color scheme similar even as you change the images, texture, and size. As long as there’s a theme that ties everything together, you can experiment.


  • How do I use texture and color in design? Our metal and wood pieces in particular allow for a variety of textures. Our pallets, which are made up of panels laid parallel and mounted on a wooden backing to create a similar texture to hardwood or siding, allow for a striking visual. The pallet appears to be “floating” on top of the wall, with the tiny spaces between the panels looking much more graphic than a single print. In a similar effect, our washboard prints look as though they’re made of industrial metal, and the pictures infused onto them have a rippled effect.


  • How do I style a large piece of art? A larger, more striking print (some of our larger options are three feet long), or a panorama or metal street sign, absolutely can have a place in your home. The key is to have it be the standout in a room, the focal point of the space, instead of surrounding it with more pieces (as you would with a gallery wall). Make sure the color you select complements the rest of the room—if the theme is black and white, you can use a color to draw the eye to the piece—and make sure it ties together with the rest of the room (a matching pillow or drapes, for example). Let it stand out!


  • How do I personalize a piece of art? There are so many different ways to do this—just look at all the options on our website. But the best place to start, if you want to do something simple, is to start with a name stacking sign: it’s simple to add the names of your family members or pets and position it in a living room or an entryway so guests can see it. That personal touch will be both impressive and unusual, and acts as a terrific conversation-starter. 


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Custom Print Gifts

What’s a good gift for my relatives?

Gift for Dad

We have a number of gifts that would be great for a father, but the Dad Collage is a perfect fit: All you need is three photos that go into the collage, which spell out the letters DAD. The caption underneath reads “Our Hero” and can be personalized with an individual message. Our specially coated, extremely durable birch wood panels provide the ultimate image clarity. Our wood prints have a beveled edge with a keyhole groove on the back for easy hanging in a home, office, or gallery.

Gift for Son

A modern, custom-metal street sign is the perfect touch for a wall with attitude. it can be funny, meaningful (like a panoramic photo or sports team), or just a cool-looking conversation starter—visitors might think it’s an actual sign! 

Gift for Grandfather

A custom-made rectangular wood puzzle is a perfect gift: It’s a fun activity to do individually or together, and when completed can make a family photo or picture of the grandchildren. The puzzle could even be framed once completed, or taken apart to put back together again when the family visits. 

Gift for Uncle  

Our only engravable metal option, our custom-made tumblers allow for an image and/or words to be engraved on the surface. Take a name, logo, or image—like a favorite sports team—and use it to customize something special in his favorite color. 

Gift for Mom

We have many mom-worthy gifts, but this dry-erase family planner is both fun and practical (it can also be made in black). The custom design allows for name personalization and photos of the family. Otherwise, these custom Mom cutting boards also come with an engravable message that makes for a sweet and useful present.

Gift for Daughter

classic metal street sign can tell a story: the name of your daughter, the school she goes to, her favorite movie or book, her nickname, the team she plays for, or any number of identifiers that means something special to her. 

Gift for Grandmother

Instead of giving Grandma a photo she can stick on the fridge, give her a gift of a metal magnet with a family photo, so she’ll never need to make more room to proudly display it. The metallic material gives a permanent, professional touch. 

Gift for Aunt

square metal clock with a personal photo on the front is always a nice surprise gift: it’s practical and functional, and it’ll constantly remind her of the family. It’s a sleek, modern way to display a favorite moment in time, while also counting the minutes until she sees them again. 

Gift for Cousin/Niece/Nephew

A custom sign, like this Warning Sign that tells people to keep out of a child’s room, is a sweet and funny present for a young relative. If the recipient is a little older, how about a name metal license plate for their car? These durable plates are street legal as a front plate in states that do not require two plates.

Gift for Grandson

This aluminum custom “wanted” sign is a funny custom wall hanging that’s perfect for a rambunctious grandson to hang on his wall in his bedroom or playroom.

Gift for Granddaughter

A wall hanging that’s as special as she is, a wood photo puzzle piece will be a unique present she can hang up on her wall. It’s perfect for a photo of her, family vacation, birthday party, or a group shot of the entire family. 

Gift for Husband/Wife

Celebrate your family, extended family, friends, or other beautiful accomplishments with a panoramic metal print. This image could also be perfect for remembering a holiday taken together or a piece of scenery that means a lot to you both. 

Gift for Baby

The baby’s first ornament can be custom-made in two-sided wood: one side for the picture, and the other side for the name, date of birth, and other details. Our ornaments can come ready to hang in a variety of ribbon colors.  

What’s a good gift for my friends and people I know?

Gift for Boss

washboard metal print offers a unique and office-worthy wall hanging that’s the perfect thank you to a boss or mentor. Infused into sheets of 100% recycled aluminum and pressed into washboards, our custom metal prints have a glossy finish. 

Gift for Employee

custom metal clock with a special image is a great gift for an employee to hang in their cubicle or office. Plus, it’s a great reminder so they always get to work on time! 

Gift for Bride/Fiancé/Fiancée

Propose in the cutest way ever, with a heart-shaped puzzle engraved with the words “Will you marry me?” The customizable and inexpensive gift includes the name of the recipient and the person proposing. We also offer custom save-the-dates

Gift for New Mom or Pregnant Woman

If you’re hoping to share your special news with a family member or friend, you can also get a customizable heart-shaped wooden puzzle with the words “Coming Soon” on it! If you’re getting a gift for the mom or mom-to-be, consider an Expressions wood print with the words “Best Momma Ever” on it—complete with a picture of the mom, baby, or both.  

Gift for Child

These emojicon wood tiles come in a wide range of colorful designs, from your favorite sport to hearts, unicorns, and more. They make fun decorative accents for walls, bookcases, doors, and anywhere a child wants to feel at home.

Gift for Friend

An unexpected gift is to get a friend something they’ll love for their walls—and if they have the space, why not get them three prints they can make into a gallery wall? They can be pictures of the two of you, friends, family or pretty scenes that match their decor. It’s an unexpected treat, and totally unique to the giftee. 

Gift for Teacher

Fill a custom photo-book with the year’s favorite moments to celebrate the teacher’s impact on your students as well as precious memories to look back on. 

Gift for Dog, Cat, Pet Owner

Have a friend or family member with a beloved fluffy friend? Our custom ornaments are perfect to add a sweet, funny photo and caption. 

Best Gift to Give Anyone

Stumped on getting a gift for a random person? Need help finding something for a person who already has everything? Take a look at our bestsellers, particularly our wood Scrabble tiles for a totally unique and fun gift that can be easily made into wall art. 

Best Photo Gift

wooden photo letter works for so many people: a family member, a friend, a workplace associate. All you need is a few photos of them or of things they like, which come together to form a collage. If you’re worried this might be too challenging, a classic print will work as well. 

Best Engraved Gift

Of our many engraved offerings, our wooden engraved ornaments are probably the most ornate. We have a wide variety of options, from snowflakes to letters and phrases to pop-out ornaments. 

Best Cheap and Inexpensive Gift

Our custom wood puzzles start at $5, come in a variety of shapes and sizes (including rectangular and circle) and can be printed with any photo you like or engraved with a special message. 

What’s a good gift to give for the holidays?

Gift for Thanksgiving

Celebrate the family, celebrate the holiday, and most importantly, celebrate eating! With this family name cutting board, customizable for your last name, you can do all three. 

Gift for Christmas 

A custom ornament is the perfect gift for the holiday season. In a variety of shapes (including round, rectangular, and heart), materials (wood, engraved wood, and metal), and colors, we also offer a variety of text options to customize the ornament to your family’s needs. 

Gift for Valentine’s Day

When in doubt, go with a picture with a built-in stand as a fresh alternative to a typical photo. You can’t go wrong with a classic heart shape that features a special moment with you and your significant other.  

Gift for Easter

Try a whimsical hanging print in a unique shape—like a circle in the shape of an egg!—that’ll be a more permanent gift than candy this holiday. The knotted twine gives it a casual, rustic look. 

Gift for Mother’s Day

These metal word prints aren’t just pretty: they’re thematic, too! Each tile spells out a letter forming the word MOM, and behind each one is a precious photo. You can put it where mom will see it every day.

Gift for Father’s Day

This Expressions wood print features a sweet definition of the word father, underneath a photo of dad and kids. It’s a personalized touch to a standard photo and is designed to have a unique and natural feel in black and white.

Gift for Birthday 

Instead of a traditional scrapbook, how about a high-quality wood photo book? These leather-bound creations contain four photos and offer a unique way to display your cherished travel pictures, baby photos, school pictures, and more. With these wood prints, any white in your image will allow the grain to show through, adding character and style to each picture.

Gift for Graduation 

This “one-way” custom metal sign can be personalized with the name of the graduate and sends a positive, sweet message about the direction they’re headed.  

Gift for Bridal or Baby Shower

signature guest book allows for people attending the shower to sign their names and offer a special message, a quote, or a piece of advice for the bride-to-be or mom-to-be. 

Gift for Anniversary

monogrammed coaster set is the perfect surprise: it’s functional for the home, it’s more unique than a set of towels or sheets, and then wood grain makes it look durable and classic. Plus, it comes with its own holder! 

Gift for Engagement/Wedding

Weddings are usually a time where a couple has the most photos taken of them—and it’s also the perfect time to have a special print created for their home. This .75 wrapped version looks three-dimensional and comes with a variety of wall hanging options. 

Travel Gift

Our Expressions wood prints are the perfect vehicle for a travel photo, if you’re going with a special someone. Otherwise, multiple prints for a gallery wall make for a gorgeous way to display the unique location or family member you visited.

Gift for Congratulations

How about a hanging canvas print or hanging collage print to commemorate the special accomplishment? Simply take a picture of the person doing that activity and we’ll convert it to a wall hanging they can put in a room or office to remember their achievement. 

Gift for Condolence

simple metal print (or a simple canvas or wood print, if they prefer) with a picture of the loved one is a timeless reminder of the lost loved one.

Housewarming Gift

Family name stack signs are personalized with names and special dates and can include children, pets, or any significant member of the family. It’s perfect for an entryway or other prominent part of the house! 

Thank You Gift

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with our wood Scrabble tiles: they could spell out “thank you,” the person’s name, or any other meaningful word combination—and even better, it makes for a unique wall hanging that the recipient will never expect! 


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When do you have sales?

We have sales throughout the year—simply look at our Sales tab to see what’s available, and check back to see what’s new. Throughout the year, we offer deals, at peak times and holidays, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.) we may offer an additional percentage off the entire site. For those customers who sign up for the newsletter from our homepage, they receive an initial as well as a birthday discount. 


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Where do I find your coupon codes? 

Specials and coupon codes are generally offered on our website banner, and via email after signing up in the newsletter from the Picture It Custom homepage.

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Customer Service, Reviews, and Testimonials

What is your return policy?

We print to order for all purchases, so unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund or replacement for custom items since it is unique to you. We also cannot provide free reprints or refunds where the original image was not of sufficient quality. Feel free to ask us for advice if you would like a second opinion. 

If there was an error in production that we determine to be our fault, we will replace the item at no charge to you. Please reach out to us, within 30 days from the date you placed your order, at and we’ll be happy to help. Please also reach out to us if your order arrives damaged.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Simply contact us at


Recent customer reviews:

“I purchased the metal clock as a wedding gift for one of my closest friends. The picture came out very clear and vivid. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and my friend loved it!”


“Excellence! From the 1 ring phone pick up with live customer service to evident care in packaging and ultimately to the quick ship on a custom order. Top shelf all the way! Thank you!”


“The item that I purchased was overwhelmingly exceptionally beautiful and they captured the love in the photos and also it was reasonably priced. Love love love the item.”


“It looks just like the real deal street sign. Perfect for my husband and my bedroom. Very pleased.”


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