Wholesale and Resellers Program

For our clients who place bulk orders and/or shop with us often for their business needs, we offer an unmatched wholesaler/reseller program. Clients who participate receive the greatest savings we offer: more than the discounts we provide to third party partners, and on top of existing site discounts. Your total savings are between 20 and 40 percent off—for every single item on our website. You'll also get quicker processing, and shipping is fast and flat rate based on the items in the order within the contiguous United States. 

  • -Faster Order Processing
  • When you order wholesale or for resale at Picture It Custom, you get the privilege of going through a faster ordering process. Apart from that, you also have the option for expedited shipping so your orders can get to you as soon as possible.
  • -Flat Rate Shipping Per Order
  • No need to worry about dimensional weight and other surcharges. With bulk orders from Picture It Custom, you get flat rate shipping options! This way, you can save on fees and predict the cost of shipping.
  • -White Label Service
  • We create as many pieces of gifts as possible and focus on customizing them for your purpose. This way, all our products are produced together, helping us ensure quality in big batches.
  • -Wholesale / Reseller Pricing
  • As a wholesaler or retailer, one of the biggest benefits you can enjoy is getting Picture It Custom’s personalized and unique gifts at much lower prices than if you bought them one by one.
  • -Sample Items Available
  • If you’re unsure which gifts to focus on providing, the Picture It Custom team can give you sample items, helping you gauge if they’re right for your needs.



We are pleased to offer flat rate shipping options to the contiguous US. Our "Standard - Flat Rate" shipping method starts at $9.99, then depending on the items in your cart may be $14.99, or $19.99 for larger products.

Items where the longest side measures 10" or smaller $9.99
Items where the longest side is between 11" and 15" $14.99
Items where the longest side measures 16" or longer** $19.99

**Exclusions: Our 8x12 Road Signs ship for $9.99. Our 4x18 and 4x20 street signs ship for $14.99.

Additional expedited shipping options may be available for an additional fee.

Outside the contiguous US we have rate based options available that vary based on the size and weight of the items in your shopping cart and the destination postal code.

Shipping charges are per order, and do not include any taxes or international duty that may be collected on delivery. Sales tax will be charged and collected for orders being shipped to or picked-up in Tennessee.


If you're interested in chatting about our program, feel free to reach out at support@pictureitcustom.com or (865) 951-0511. We'd love to hear more about what you're looking for! 


Email Support@PictureItCustom.com to Learn more & Apply

Who can participate in the Picture It Custom wholesale program? 

From photographers who want to sell copies of their work, to shop owners looking to resell prints, to other businesses that require custom-made bulk items or branded goods, we work with any client who has a consistent business need for any of our products. If you purchase $500 or more in products per year, you qualify for our program. We assess eligibility on a yearly basis. 

How does the Picture It Custom wholesale program work? 

First, you'd create a general customer account, then reach out to us. Once we speak to you over the phone or through email and you verify your status as a wholesaler or reseller—by providing us the website of your store or a portfolio of your work, for example—you'll be approved for access. Then, the next time you sign in, you'll see the reduced prices on the entire site. There's no need to add a code, simply place an order as you would normally. Production of your order usually takes from one to three days. However, the exact timing depends on the size and contents of your order. Contact us if you have an individual bulk order of more than 50 items so we can provide you with a quote.

What other wholesale and resale services does Picture It Custom offer? 

We are proud to offer a white label service: after establishing your wholesale account we remove any and all references to Picture It Custom in the shipment (including invoice and logo) so that a customer would not know we shipped the item. This service is particularly useful for clients who want their goods shipped directly from our facility to their customer. Contact us for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Sample Prints

Do you offer samples of your prints? 

Yes—If you would like to receive a sample print, after establishing your wholesale account please let us know and we will provide a voucher that will allow you to place a sample order.

Orders and Discounts

Can I use a retail coupon or discount code on top of my wholesale discount? 

No—but the discounts you'll receive as a wholesaler will beat any other discount, sitewide and/or with third-party marketing services. 

What do I need to do to apply my wholesale discount? 

Once we've verified you as a wholesaler and you log on to the Picture It Custom site, you'll see our wholesale prices automatically applied. You don't need to do anything. 

Can I place an order for something that's not on the site?
For any nonstandard order, contact us and we'll let you know whether we can quote your order. 

How long does it take for you to make my item? 

Usually between one to three days, but larger orders may take longer. 

How long will it take you to process a large order? 

It depends on the size, but give us a call and we can discuss your timing needs. We are particularly busy around the November-December holidays, so it helps to have advance notice of large or custom orders. 

Can you print / laser engrave something on a material that I provide?
Normally, we do not work with material that's sourced outside our warehouse. Give us a call if it's something you're looking for. 


Do you do color-matching?

We do not modify or adjust the color of your images at all, but we can't guarantee that we'll exactly match a desired color. We color-calibrate our printers to ensure as accurate a match as possible. Because of the unique grain and color features of wood, any print that uses a wood material is not color-matched. 

Can you edit my photo? 

No, that's not a service we provide. We only work with the designs or images you give us.

What's the maximum file size I can use for a print or item? 

The max file size we accept is 20 MB. However, the aspect ratio is also a determining factor to whether the site will accept the photo or image. If you're getting an error message or have difficulty uploading a photo please let us know.

What's the minimum file size I can use? 

Generally the higher the resolution and dpi of your image the better, but if your image is below 110 dpi you will receive a warning when uploading the image. 

What files do you accept? 

We can only use PNG and JPEG files (i.e., no TIFF, PDF, or other file types). 

What if I'm not sure about my image specifications or need help? 

Just reach out to us and we're happy to discuss the specifics of your images and needs. 


Do you offer free shipping? 

Not at this time. 

Do you ship internationally? 

We offer shipping to Canada. Please contact us if you have an order that you'd like to ship internationally other than Canada so we can quote that for you. 

How long will it take for my items to be delivered? 

When the standard shipping method is chosen at checkout the shipping method used will be at our discretion from the available options that FedEx and USPS offer. Delivery is generally between a few days to a week after the item is shipped, but it can depend on the size of the order—let us know your timeframe requirements. 

Can I expedite shipping? 

Yes. Both FedEx and USPS expedited options are available during checkout.


Want to sign up, or have more questions? Reach out at support@pictureitcustom.com or (865) 951-0511.


Email Support@PictureItCustom.com to Learn more & Apply