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    6x6 Metal Print

    99% of 100
    SKU DSM1-PAN-SQ01-0606
    Special Price $18.99 Regular Price $30.00

    Our 6x6 custom metal prints are the modern way to display your memories. Custom pictures also make unique and affordable gifts! Upload your image to order your 6x6 custom metal print today.

    Measures 6" x 6". The aluminum is .032" thick. Multiple corner styles and hanging options are available.


    Picture It Custom provides beautiful and high-quality metal prints designed to display your favorite memories and photos. There are various styles and sizes available, so you're sure to find something that meets your needs for your office or home. Once printed, the metal prints are waterproof and scratch-resistant, so you're sure the photo will last for many years to come.
    Before you upload your photo and get started with this product, we want to answer any questions you might have. Let's look at our FAQ list to get started!

    How Are the Metal Prints Made?

    Our process for making the square print starts with getting a printed photo from you. We then put those photos on special paper coated with heat-activated adhesives. That paper goes on a sheet of recycled aluminum, which runs through a big heat press. Overall, that heat activates the adhesive, so it bonds the paper (photo) to the metal surface.

    What Are the Advantages of Using Metal Photo Prints?

    The metal prints from Picture It Custom are known for having sharp photos and vibrant colors. The 6x6 product is scratch-resistant and waterproof. Therefore, the're the best choice for outdoor and indoor displays. We realize that you want to know all the benefits of having photos framed in metal, and they include:

    • Metal is very durable and also resistant to fading.
    • Metal features a unique look that you can't find with other products. Therefore, the photos printed pop and stand out.
    • Metal is easy to maintain and clean.
    • Metal is lightweight, so your photos hang effortlessly.

    Why Should I Choose Your Company for My Photo Prints?

    There are countless reasons to choose our product over other options. Metal is highly durable, so it can be handled or displayed without worrying about damage. Plus, your photos will have a glossy, vibrant, and brilliant color that doesn't fade with time. Many customers are happy that we offer command-strip and no-hanging options for the 6x6 and 5x7 photos. Likewise, they're easy to clean and don't require much maintenance, even with time.

    How Do I Order Photo Prints from Picture It Custom?

    The finish you get on your printed photos is something you can't find anywhere else. Click the "Create It" button now to get started. Whether you want no hanger or command strips, we have you covered. You can also choose
    between square and rounded corners, which can make your photos pop anytime. Just upload your preferred photo and watch as it will change to fit the size of the frame.

    It doesn't matter if the photo is a landscape orientation; it should fit into the size indicated. You can always move it around to ensure that the right part shows. Then, upload it! Sometimes, we are unable to upload it because you've chosen a low-resolution photo. If that happens, you may notice a pixelated or blurry printed picture. It's up to you to decide if you want to select another photo or continue using that one.

    Once you've done all that, you can move to the next step. Review the product information to ensure that it's what you want. Then, set up shipping information by adding your state and Zip code. The list automatically populates with shipping rates and options. For example, there could be standard, two-day delivery, or overnight delivery. Then, check out as you want!

    What Are Some Tips for Displaying My Metal Photo Prints?

    We typically ask that you don't hang the printed photos in direct sunlight because that could lead to fading. However, it can go outside if it's in the shade. Likewise, you should dust the metal photo regularly with a soft cloth.

    Can I Showcase My Photo Prints Outside?

    Yes, it's possible to display metal photos outside. The material is weather-resistant and durable, so they're suitable! However, we do ask that you place the photo under an overhang or awning to keep it out of harsh conditions and direct sunlight.

    What Are the Advantages of Ordering a Square Print from Picture It Custom?

    When you order from Picture It Custom, you know your square print is made with attention to detail and care. We use high-quality materials, and our team has years of experience with photo prints. Plus, we give you a satisfaction guarantee so that you're confident with your purchase. Sign in and create the perfect photos today!

    Do You Offer Express Shipping?

    While it isn't called express shipping, we generally offer various shipping options for your photos. However, the price will likely go up based on that.
    For example, if you order the product and want it the next day, you can expect to pay more for shipping than if you choose standard or flat-rate shipping. We're ready to assist in whatever way we can. Contact us by email for any concerns you may have! We're here to help with uploading
    or other parts of your order!

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