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10 Fun “Just Because” Gifts for Your Partners

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April 1, 2022 15 view(s)

10 Fun “Just Because” Gifts for Your Partners

Giving gifts is synonymous with birthdays and Christmas since it’s when everyone does it. But if you truly want to show your appreciation to your partner, you don’t need to wait for an occasion to do it. Sometimes it’s even better to give something to your special someone spontaneously “just because” they’re always there by your side.


That said, picking the right gift can be a struggle since there are a lot of things to consider. The trick to picking out the best gift is not overthinking it. To make things easier, here are 10 just because gift ideas:


Office Desk Plant

desk plantdesk plant


People are innately drawn to nature outside. It’s why everyone loves going to the beach and hiking in the mountains. Unfortunately, we spend most of our time indoors because of work. This is why an office desk plant is a great gift. Even just a little can add a touch of greenery in a dull work environment. Aside from aesthetic appeal, studies have also shown that they can boost productivity and decrease stress levels. 


There are plenty of plants to pick from. A great choice would be a dwarf snake plant since it looks great and it’s low maintenance. It can last a full month without water. You can take it a step further by getting one that has a wooden pot, so you can customize it easier. Even just a simple engraving can make a gift

much more personal and unique. 


Scented Candles

scented candlescented candle


During your gift-hunting process, consider getting some scented candles. Others might think that only women enjoy these lovely things, but they are great for everyone, especially as “just because” gifts for a husband or a wife. After all, you can pick the scent that you think your partner will truly enjoy.


These types of candles can transform an ordinary place into your own personal oasis. If the fragrance is

right, it can give you a nice warm feeling that can help you unwind and ease your mind.


Cool Mugs

colorful mugscolorful mugs


Many people love to start their mornings with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If your special someone is one of them, then a mug is the perfect gift to pick up. You might think that it’s simple and boring, but these items come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days.


You can easily find some cool designs on the internet, particularly those inspired by pop culture. If you’re planning to go with the simpler mug, you can still make them more unique by picking one made from different materials like metal or wood.


Custom Bottle Opener

custom bottle openerscustom bottle openers


Custom bottle openers are also great as “just because” gifts for boyfriends, particularly those who love opening cold ones during their spare time. If they’re more into wine, then go with a good cork remover.


These kinds of kitchen tools may be simple and mundane, but they’re very useful. Again, you can add personality with just simple customizations. Even just your partners’ initials would transform them from being basic pieces of metal, into something much more special.


Novelty Bookmarks

stack of booksstack of books


Gone are the days when bookmarks are just plain pieces of cardboard that can be easily damaged or lost. Now, you can find various fun and quirky designs like small feet dangling from the pages or zipper designs that make the book look a lot different.


Anyone who loves to read books can confirm that bookmarks are some of the most useful products they can get. Chances are your book-loving partner has several books open at the same time. They’ll definitely be using your gift a lot. As a bonus, why not include a book they’ve been eyeing but have not had the time to purchase?


Unique Ring Holders

ring holdersring holders


If your special lady friend loves to collect jewelry, then give something that could help them organize everything. But instead of just buying a boring box, get a unique and interesting ring holder. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll find a plethora of designs that can even stand alone as gorgeous décor pieces.


Recently, people have been buying clay or ceramic ring holders designed as hands contorted into different positions. They look like a piece of art that you’ll normally find in museums.


Assorted Bath Bombs 

bath bombsbath bombs


You can never go wrong with bath bombs. People enjoy these things because they’re like an elevated form of a bubble bath. Every company has its own recipe, but they’re usually made from baking soda, dried flowers, coloring agents, and different essential oils that are packed into small spheres. They’ll immediately transform the water in the tub once dropped.


Bath bombs aren’t just for the fun experience, though. The essential oils it has doesn’t only produce lovely aromas; some can also act as water softeners which help in moisturizing your skin. No matter what type it is, it’ll leave your skin softer and silkier than before.


You can even take this gift a step further by creating your own bath bomb to give as a gift. Ingredients and materials are easy to source and you can customize it with your partner’s favorite colors and scents. 


Romantic Picture Frames

picture framepicture frame


If you really think about it, there is no better gift for your partner than a simple picture frame. Placing your favorite photo together will let you preserve it for a longer time, so you can always look back and reminisce about that fun time together.


Picture frames are versatile products since you can place them almost anywhere you want. You can either leave it on top of a bedside table or you can hang it up on a wall since most of them have hooks. They also come in various designs, so you won’t have any problems picking the right one that’ll suit your place. You can even personalize it more by having it custom designed to fit your room’s colors.


Again, simple photo gifts can be taken a step further. Try having our custom metal prints for an edgy, whimsical touch. You can have it done in different shapes and sizes that’s sure to please your partner.


Themed Socks

colorful sockscolorful socks


Socks have gotten a bad rep for being a boring gift that don’t deserve any attention. But this happens because people pick ones with bland designs. But if you give someone a pair with fun prints, then they’ll use them.


Socks are very useful, and one can never really have too many pairs since you’ll always use them when you’re going to wear shoes. Some people even wear them indoors too so they can keep their feet warm and comfy during the colder months.


Simple Appreciation Cards

thank you cardthank you card


A thank you card you get at any bookstore will also be a good gift. No matter how simple it may be, it’s the gesture and sincerity that really give the gifts meaning. But if you want to add something more, you can always sneak in a gift card from your partner’s favorite store, so they can use it to buy something themselves.


Things to Do Before You Buy a Gift 


Picking out the right gift for your partner can be overwhelming even if you already have some ideas. To make things easier for you, here are some things to do before you buy one:


Set a Budget


If you’re too overwhelmed with your gift options, it’s best to stop and think about how much you’re willing to spend first. This will immediately help you reduce the choice of the most essential and practical gifts. Also, there is no special occasion, so you don’t have to splurge unless you have the money to spare.


That said, don’t scrimp on what you’re going to buy. Sure, you’ve picked a good one, but if it’s of poor quality, then it’s likely going to end up in the trashcan. You’ll end up wasting your effort in the end.


Consider Its Purpose


You don’t really want to give something that’ll probably just end up as clutter, so make sure that you’ll pick one that they’ll use. Buy something that’ll solve a problem they have. For example, if they love to cook, but all the knives are dull, then why not buy them a new knife set or if you think that they’ll use it, a whetstone. 


Try not to be overly practical, though. The point of giving gifts is providing delight, not just to restock your partner’s toothpaste.


Don’t Rush It


Lastly, remember not to rush gift shopping because you’ll just end up stressing yourself out for something that is meant to bring joy. You’ll start to think of it as a chore instead of something you genuinely want to do to surprise your special someone.


Instead, try allocating more time for the entire process. This way you’ll be able to really consider what you should buy. Spend some time in malls or just browse through the internet. You might stumble upon something better than you were planning to buy originally.


Buying gifts for your partner isn’t easy, but it’s a love language that anyone can learn.


Kick Up the Charm of “Just Because” Gifts


These are just some good “just because” gift ideas that you should consider. There are plenty of other options, you’ll just have to look for them.


Picture It Custom offers a wide range of creative gift items and custom-printed photos. If you’re looking for gorgeous and practical “just because” gifts for your special someone, check out the personalized gifts section on our website to see what we have on offer.