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4 Reasons to Print Your Photos

4 Reasons to Print Your Photos
October 21, 2020 52 view(s)

4 Reasons to Print Your Photos

The innovation of the camera phone means most of us have hundreds — if not thousands — of our photo memories stored right in our pockets. But are we really getting the most out of them? Here are four reasons to turn your digital memories into printed photo keepsakes.


1. Printed photos are easier to enjoy.


Sure, you can pull up photos on your phone any time you want. But realistically, most of our photos are just getting lost and forgotten in our camera rolls. In a way, keeping photos on your phone is like never developing a roll of film. You’ve captured the memories, but they can’t really be enjoyed unless they’re printed and displayed.


2. Printed photos make great gifts.


Holiday shopping can be tough, but everyone loves seeing the faces of family and friends. And the good news is, there are so many unique ways to give printed photos as gifts. Get a canvas print for the grandparents. Design an ornament for faraway relatives. Make a photobook for your best friend.


3. Printed photos create unique decor.


If you truly want to make a space your own, printing your photos is a foolproof way to do it. After all, no one else has your unique mix of photos. Choose the ones that make you laugh and warm your heart. Mix them with other art to create a gallery wall. Let your decor declare to the world what you value most.


4. Printed photos can be passed down.


Photos give us the chance to share treasured memories with the next generation. They allow our kids to take ownership of their family stories. But passing down photos is tricky when they’re all password protected. So, take time now to print your favorites and the ones that tell important stories. Your kids and grandkids will cherish the visual history for years to come.


Need ideas on how to print and display your photo memories? Head to our design center to see hundreds of ways to turn your photos into printed keepsakes.