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4 Small Tweaks to Transform a Room

4 Small Tweaks to Transform a Room
March 11, 2021 43 view(s)

4 Small Tweaks to Transform a Room

Do you have the redecorating bug — but not a big redecorating budget? You don’t have to do a full remodel to transform a room. Sometimes, just a few small tweaks will give your space the wow factor you’ve been missing.


1. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a Gallery Wall

Refresh your entryway or the space above your couch with a collage of photo prints to show your personality. If you’re not sure where to start, figure out what you want your central piece to be. A trio of canvas prints or a panoramic metal print are both great options that are easy to build around. Check out this gallery wall tutorial to start the transformation process!


2. Create a New Focal Point

Create a New Focal Point

Sometimes transforming a room isn’t about buying new furniture — it’s just about moving things around. What would it look like to put the couch under the window? To swap the living room and dining room? Give yourself an afternoon to play with the possibilities and find a new layout that energizes you. Then, punctuate your revamped space with a large photo print to create a fresh focal point. 


3. Swap Out Old Photos

Swap Out Old Photos

If the same family photos have been on your walls for a few years, it’s time for a refresh. Pick your favorites from recent events or family photo shoots and have them printed on fresh, satin canvas. Mix and match them with older prints on the wall, or archive older photos in a wooden photo book. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy special memories for years to come.


4. Style Your Shelves

Style Your Shelves

The books on your shelf display who you are, but adding accessories can let your personality truly shine. Arrange your books alongside a shadow box print to give your room a warm, personal feeling. Add a bit of the outdoors with a small plant. If a certain book reminds you of a loved one, honor that bond by printing a favorite photo on a desk stand. Create a space that celebrates the ideas and people who made who you are today.

Check out our design studio today for even more ideas to spruce up your space!