5 Creative Gift Ideas for Teachers

5 Creative Gift Ideas for Teachers

5 Creative Gift Ideas for Teachers

How do you sum up all a teacher means to a child? From making hard subjects fun, to resolving conflicts, teachers are everyday heroes to our children. So, this year, don’t just give them another mug. Send them one of these memorable gift ideas instead. Each of these creative teacher gifts is easy to personalize, so your kid will love to help design them and give them away!

  1. Metal Photo Clock

Metal Photo Clock

Every moment counts when you’re grading papers, timing tests and give each child the attention they need to thrive. That’s why these aluminum photo clocks make such meaningful teacher gifts. Your image is infused into the clock with a glossy finish, so your teacher can display it in the classroom for years to come.

  1. Canvas Wrapped Signature Guestbook

Canvas Wrapped Signature Guestbook

It’s easy to get the whole class in on this custom teacher gift. Start by picking out three fun class photos. Then, ask each kid to share one word that describes their school year. Decorate the canvas with the words and sign it from the class. Wherever it’s displayed, this meaningful teacher gift will be a great reminder of what matters most.

  1. Metal Street Sign

Metal Street Sign

Bring some everyday fun to the classroom with a personalized street sign. Your kid can choose from three different styles, type in their teacher’s name, and choose whether the sign will be for a street, avenue, road or other address. 

  1. Freestanding Photo Print

Freestanding Photo Print

A framed photo is a classic, meaningful teacher gift. But with five different shape options and ultra-vibrant colors, our freestanding photo prints always stand out from the crowd. Each one comes with a built-in stand, so your teacher can easily display it on her desk. 

  1. Wood Photo Book

Wood Photo Book

This could be one of the most creative teacher gifts your child ever gives. You and your student can pick out photos, choose the size and decide how many pages of photos you want. Make it even more meaningful by letting your child write a personal note in the book when it arrives!

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May 6, 2020