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What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents?

Christmas gifts
December 23, 2021 53 view(s)

What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents?

There's a new age of grandparents out there: the Baby Boomers, Gen-X, and even the early millennials are becoming grandparents. Sixty-eight percent of them feel much "cooler" than their grandparents and are more open to trying new things. And they are more engaged, with a closer connection to their families and the world around them. 

For Picture It Custom, this calls for more creativity. The best Christmas gifts for grandparents of this generation are ones that they will cherish as they make memories with the family. At the same time, the gifts give them something new to experience and explore.

Why Appreciating and Cherishing Grandparents Matter, Especially Today

The pandemic has taken its share of grandparents for a lot of families. And now, as the next generation of grandparents are coming into prominence, it's more important than ever to cherish them. 

These modern grandparents understand the value of staying connected with family and forging bonds with them. With the emerging culture that prizes mental health and well-being, they know that grandparents can provide grandchildren with much-needed healthy relationships. They provide acceptance, patience, and stability, especially in a turbulent modern world. 

Studies have proven that there is a mutual mental and emotional benefit when grandparents and grandchildren stay close and do activities with one another. It protects against depression, increases lifespan, and boosts brain function.

Fun Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Foster more interactions and cozy moments with grandparents through creative Christmas gifts that go beyond warm socks and slippers. Open up opportunities to make memories and give grandparents, their kids, and grandchildren something to gather around so they can share stories.

Photobook of children and grandchildren

All grandparents love to show off photos of their grandchildren. Though a lot of this photo-sharing now happens on social media, nothing beats having a physical photo collection to hold on to. 

Give grandparents a chance to show off a tactile, physically present print of the photos through a vibrant photobook. It can be a wooden photo book for display on the mantelpiece or a hardbound photo book that acts as a coffee table book, ideal for showing off to guests and visitors. 

You can even have the photos arranged to tell a story, following the grandparents' history as they became parents and then grandparents at the birth of their grandkids. It's a perfect conversation starter, talking about special moments that matter to the grandparents, bringing back bright memories.

grandparents video callgrandparents video call

A smart screen

Modern grandparents have adapted to using technology to stay connected to their friends and families. Gone are the days when kids and grandkids are expected to act like their tech support, setting up video players and other gadgets for them. Now, tech-savvy grandparents can find their way around tech on their own and appreciate discoveries. 

Giving your grandparents a smart screen for Christmas is an opportunity to stay in better touch with them. The screen can be used for video calls, watching home videos, and even watching events live and participating remotely with the rest of the family's activities. 

They can also take the screen out to the garden or right into the kitchen to watch instructional videos, learning new things about their favorite hobbies.

Helpful wearable devices

Tech-savvy grandparents are also getting used to wearables. A wearable device like a Fitbit or a smartwatch can do more than act as a familiar watch—it can help them answer phone calls, get messages, and most importantly, it can track their health.

A lot of wearables can track heart rate and physical activity. Not only will giving your grandparent a wearable device this Christmas give them a new gadget to learn about, but it can also keep track of their activities.

Devices can track steps, heart rate, sleeping habits, and in some cases, even monitor blood oxygenation and sugar levels. It's excellent for children and grandchildren who want a way to ensure that their grandparents are staying fit and healthy.

Hanging canvas collage of graduation pics

Grandparents are often deeply invested in their grandchildren's mental and educational development. And they are very proud of seeing them go through school. Many grandparents like to collect college mementos from their grandchildren, often college shirts, caps, and other similar items.

Why not give them a hanging collage of all their grandkids' college photos? Use the collage canvas print to showcase the grandkids' graduation photos. Or have an individual collage for each grandchild, showing their moments at college, at sports, and graduation. It can create a Wall of Honor in the grandparents' home and, more importantly, something they can proudly look at while the grandkids are away.

eBook reader

An ebook reader is the best gift for grandparents who are voracious readers. An eBook reader like the Kindle Paperwhite presents pages like a regular book. But they can enlarge the text for easier reading, too, making it more comfortable for them to read. 

Each device can hold thousands of books, so grandparents have all the books they could ever want to read on a single device. It doesn't have to be a book either—eBook readers can now access newspapers and magazines as well.

It's essential to keep grandparents' minds sharp, and to keep them reading is one of the best ways to do it. It's even a great way to share books with them. If you have a book you love that you want them to read, you can buy it for them and put it in their reader. It may even get them talking about a book they love to you, and both grandparents and grandchildren can swap recommendations.

Photo puzzles

Huge puzzles are a great family activity, especially during the holiday season. With the whole family working together, they can put together even ones with hundreds of pieces. It's also an activity that people of all ages can enjoy, and an excellent way for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together.

It's even better as a photo puzzle. Choose a nice holiday photo where you can have every family member in a piece of the puzzle. Even with fewer pieces, even young children can help grandparents put it all together. And once all done, it will make a lovely addition to any wall décor or mantelpiece.

potted plantspotted plants

Garden kit

Give your grandparents a beautiful garden grow kit that they can keep indoors. It gives them something to nurture and look after inside the house. It's even more special if your grandparent likes to cook because they can grow their herbs indoors and have easy access to fresh herbs.

And for families with grandparents who are already green thumbs, with well-kept gardens, this is another way to use their skills.

It's even a great bonding opportunity between the grandparents and grandchildren. They can all work together learning about how to grow plants. If both grandparents and grandchildren have their kits, they can check each other's kits and learn together.

Engraved cutting board

An engraved cutting board is another great gift for grandparents who love to cook and have plenty of recipes to share. It's helpful to have around the kitchen, making the cutting board more personal and memorable. 

It can even become a priceless heirloom when engraved with a beautiful design and their name. Just as a grandparent will pass the recipe down to their offspring and grandchildren, so will the cutting board. It becomes part of the memory.

Take it one step further by having a favorite easy recipe, perhaps for a favorite soup or cookie, engraved into the cutting board, too. It becomes a family recipe that gets passed down with the cutting board. Combine this gift with an adorable matching apron set for both grandparents and grandchildren to get everyone interested in being in the kitchen and cooking something up together.

Christmas tree ornamentsChristmas tree ornaments

Custom Christmas ornaments

Families traditionally decorate their trees with heirloom Christmas photos that feature names, images, and unique ornamental pieces. Give your grandparents something extra special to put on the Christmas tree this year with a customized Christmas ornament.

An engraved ornament with the names of your family group makes the Christmas tree a family tree, especially if it comes with photos. It becomes even more special if the grandparent is a new grandparent; having a picture of the new grandbaby to add to their Christmas tree reminds them of how noteworthy this year is, and the ornament will preserve the moment for years to come.

Memories and Moments as the Best Gifts

The best Christmas gifts are more than just tangible items—it's the memories created using them and how much love is expressed through them. Things like smart devices or photo books are nice to have, but it's the moments preserved with the gift that make them matter the most.

Moments are best captured and preserved in a tangible way, such as in prints and photos printed in high quality, with premium materials and inks used on them. These real memories go on to last for a lifetime, becoming special with every passing year to both grandparents and grandchildren.

Picture It Custom specializes in taking these priceless moments and making them last for years by producing high-quality custom prints on wood, canvas, and metal. Browse our must-see Christmas collection or take a look through our engraved gifts for exceptional, personalized presents.