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Christmas Gifts Ideas Your Co-workers Will Truly Appreciate

christmas gift

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and one of the highlights of this season is giving and receiving gifts. Gift-giving happens not only among family and friends but also among co-workers.

Co-worker gifts are physical manifestations of your admiration and sincere gratitude for the partnerships and friendships your co-workers provide. The present can also boost morale, strengthen relationships, and make people happy.

The core concept of co-worker gifting stays the same: you're searching for thoughtful and interesting items that aren't too expensive. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for co-workers can be challenging, especially now that many of us are in a work-from-home setup — you might even be looking for a gift for a co-worker you've only ever met through Zoom.

If you're stumped for the best Christmas gifts for co-workers, this list will help you choose something that will surprise and amaze even your pickiest co-workers. Surely, there’s something for everyone, whether you're giving something personalized, useful, or a delectable treat.

Best Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

Tea and Coffee Lovers Gift Ideas

Creative Tea Infuser

Where’s the fun in using a boring tea infuser? If your co-worker prefers steeping tea in the workplace, give them a one-of-a-kind tea infuser.

The novelty-looking infuser works great, and just seeing these in their mug on their desk may enliven their day. We recommend looking for silicone tea infusers that come in various shapes, like animals. These are great for steeping and are easy to rinse out and clean.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

There's a mug for your busy co-worker who lets that one huge cup of coffee they drink all day go cold while being at work. They may maintain that cup of coffee at a certain temperature for hours with a stainless-steel smart mug, setting it via their phone as needed and even getting notification alerts on its status within an app.

Insulated Tumbler

An insulated tumbler would be a perfect gift for a co-worker who wants to keep their drinks cold or hot all day. Aside from drinking coffee, this is also a practical way to express your care and encourage them to drink water while at work.

If you want more unique co-worker Christmas gift ideas, you can gift your co-worker a personalized tumbler. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that's both practical and thoughtful, and your co-worker will be proud to display these personalized tumblers. Consider one of our custom tumblers engraved with their name as a unique option for the coffee junkie in your office.

Party-Goer Gift Ideas

USB Connected Disco Light

The portable disco ball is a fantastic entertaining tool for any business function if your co-worker is always the life of the party. The USB disco ball instantly transforms any get-together into a party, whether it's at the workplace or happy hour.

Insulated Wine Tumbler

If you have a co-worker who’s always ready for happy hour and used to offer drinks after work, gift them an insulated tumbler for wine, cocktails, beer, and other beverages. It comes with a spill-resistant lid and an insulated body that will keep wine cold and cool for hours.

Health-Conscious Gift Ideas

dog sitting on a furniture


It's not simple to work for hours when sitting up straight in a chair. Employees frequently suffer from backaches and other muscle-related difficulties as a result of this condition. To help your co-workers in resolving this issue, you can gift them beautiful cushions to use for more comfort while sitting for long periods.

Essential Oil Diffusers

The essential oil diffuser is an excellent gift to relieve stuffiness and the feeling of being confined to your workplace. Some oil diffusers even have automatic color-changing LED lights to ease and brighten the environment while the little humidifier provides moist air. This is a thoughtful gift for your coworkers who enjoy the use of essential oils.

Environmentally Conscious Gift Ideas

Green Potted Plant

Plants have been shown to enhance mood and productivity in the workplace, so why not bring some greenery to your co-worker's desk? Green even has a calming effect on our brain, and it is everywhere around us in the form of nature.

A simple, easy-to-care-for plant like a succulent is an ideal gift if you are thinking about giving your co-worker a gift to promote both nature and color. It would make your co-worker’s desk look better and elevate their mood at work by cleansing their environment.

Silicone Straws

For the environmentally conscious co-worker, the silicone straws reduce the need for a plastic straw in their brewed iced coffee. These straws are bendy, eco-friendly, and temperature-safe, unlike metal straw options.

To show that you also care about the environment, gift them a full set of silicone straws. The set usually includes a cleaning brush and a carrying bag (some sets even have different-sized straws for your milk-tea-addicted co-worker!).

Fitness Gift Ideas

fitness equipments

Personal Fitness Equipment

You can gift personal fitness equipment to your co-workers if they are extremely health conscious. This might include items such as a resistance band, yoga mats, power twister arm, jump ropes, and other items that can help your co-workers exercise at home.

Yoga Mat Towel

A yoga mat towel would be a great gift for someone at your office who practices yoga every day after work. It's made of hypoallergenic microfiber, which absorbs perspiration and prevents slippage during yoga. For any yogi, unwrapping these sports gear would be a dream come true.

Lunch Bag Tote

This tote-style lunch box is great for anyone who doesn't want to eat fast food and instead carries a homemade healthy packed lunch to work or enjoys a mid-day picnic break from working at home. It's stylish, made to keep food cold or warm, and it may be kept in the fridge.

The bag can store several reusable containers, food, and water bottles. Choose from a range of geometric and floral patterns for a chic lunch bag present to a health-conscious co-worker who appreciates meal planning.

Relaxation Gift Ideas

Matcha Startup Kit

If your co-worker enjoys the relaxing effects of green tea and wants to progress to more sophisticated tea-drinking ways, a matcha starter kit is recommended. The kit includes a bowl, matcha whisk, strainer, and a starter bag of matcha powder to teach them how to make matcha traditionally.

relaxation gift ideas

Scented Candles

You can't go wrong with elegant scented candles, whether you choose the lavender, eucalyptus, or linen scent. Your co-worker will appreciate the instant sense of calmness that it provides at the end of a tough day.

Also, the ambiance of the surroundings might be changed by a pleasant aroma. In addition, because it is Christmas, everyone will decorate their homes with lights. Thus, gifting your co-workers a set of scented candles will provide a pleasant aroma and light at the same time, while also adding to their home's appeal.

Random Gift Ideas

board game - puzzle

Board Games

Every professional's favorite part of the holiday season is the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. To make such occasions even more enjoyable, you might consider giving them board games such as Monopoly, crossword puzzles, chess, photo puzzles, Chinese checkers, and so on.

To make it more unique and memorable, consider our wood jigsaw photo puzzle. It is a fun way to display your co-worker’s beloved photos. It brings their memories into clearer view as they assemble a custom photo puzzle with their family.

Wall Clock

A wall clock may be a humorous gift for a co-worker who is time-conscious, often late at work or a retirement gift. This might be a representation of the time and memories you have with them. This is a gift that will stay with them for a long time and make them feel connected to you every time they look at it.

You can check our custom metal prints which include personalized clocks that you can give to your co-workers. You can customize the wall clocks by adding their name and a photo of yourself and your team. It is an excellent décor item that will give their home a unique look.

Cinema Light Box

This cinema lightbox is a terrific gift for the creatives at your office and is already a popular home decor item among millennials. Each lightbox is loaded with all of the letters and characters you'll need to generate new words every day. It can be hung on a wall or set on a table.

You may also add a hanging canvas photo print to your present by selecting a favorite photo of your co-worker for a more personalized gift.

Its one-of-a-kind design will blend in with your co-worker's existing decor, regardless of where they choose to display it. It can also be used as a kind parting gift if a co-worker is leaving for a new position and you want to give them something to remember the team by.

Personalize Your Christmas Gift

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from celebrating the holiday season with your co-workers. Make sure this holiday season is extra special with personalized office Christmas gifts made with your most heartfelt sentiments.

Personalized gifts make the holiday a memorable one to cherish forever, whether it's with customized presents or unique corporate gifts.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. However, if you want more gift ideas, you may browse the Picture It Custom gift collection for further inspiration on what to get your co-workers for Christmas.

September 30, 2021
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