Creative Ways to Display Family Photos

Creative Ways to Display Family Photos

Creative Ways to Display Family Photos

It only takes a moment to capture a precious photo. But actually enjoying those photos is a different story. Our treasured memories often end up stuck on our cell phone camera rolls, instead of being displayed and enjoyed. Thankfully, there is an abundance of beautiful ways to display family photos today. Keep scrolling for our top creative ideas!

  1. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a timeless favorite because they give you so much versatility. Memories of last year’s vacation mingle happily with vintage black-and-white photos and trendy paintings. If you’re not sure how to start, try one of these custom wall collections. Put the collection in the center and then just build out as you go!

  1. Create a Photo Book

Create a Photo Book

Photo books are an easy, creative way to display family photos by season or theme. Create a small, wood photo book to display on a coffee table to flip through and reminisce on past seasons. Print multiples as gifts for family members.

  1. Create a Family Scrabble Board

Create a Family Scrabble Board

Show how your family fits together by creating a custom scrabble board. Start with your family name, and pick the words that describe you best (love, hiking, goofballs, etc.). Then, print your favorite family photos on tiles to display in between words.

  1. Create an Ornament

Create an Ornament

Photo ornaments are a creative way to reuse and remember family Christmas card photos, baby’s first Christmas, Halloween costumes and more. Kids love seeing how they’ve grown over the years, and you’ll cherish sharing the memories behind each photo for years to come.

  1. Create a Metal Collage

Create a Metal Collage

Some life events are so big, a single photo on display just isn’t enough. Combine your best photos from one event to create a metal photo collage. It’s a beautiful way to display everything from your favorite wedding photos, to the pictures from Grandma’s 90th birthday. Plus, it will go with just about any decor.

These are just a few creative ways to display family photos — but there are so many more! Shop our website to get your family photos off your phone and onto your walls.

July 8, 2020