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Home Office Wall Decor Ideas for Better Productivity

Home Office Wall Decor Ideas for Better Productivity

It's natural to feel unfocused at work from time to time, but the good news is that your workspace has an impact on productivity that you can change. While the poor environment can be distracting, the ideal one can stimulate our senses, motivate us, and keep us productive and focused.

Investing in creative home office design and layouts can dramatically enhance your mood. After all, if you're going to be in a room for 40 hours a week, shouldn't you like it? You can balance professionalism with your personal preferences to create an atmosphere that encourages you to concentrate.

If you need some inspiration, keep reading for 11 office wall decor ideas that can help you boost productivity and do your best work from home.

11 Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want to Work All Day

Paint the walls a color you love

Choosing the colors of your walls or accent pieces shouldn't be done on a whim. Pick a hue that makes you feel energetic.

For some, a bright, lively color like orange or lime green is the answer. Others need a relaxing color like seafoam blue or botanical green to function properly. You also need to find out how different colors can change your mood.

Also, a monochromatic color scheme (one that only includes shades and tones of one hue in addition to neutrals) amplifies the impact of the chosen color. Decorative objects, throw pillows, and wall art are all examples of decorative accents that can help you achieve your desired color scheme.

Organize your workflow

Tracking can help you be more productive. Use a wall or desk calendar to keep track of your meetings, tasks, and goals.

While digital calendars and reminders are useful, being able to see the big picture of the month or approaching months can help you prioritize tasks, plan a vacation, and hold yourself accountable to deadlines.

Consider our Custom Family Planner Printed on metal to help you get organized in style. This personalized planner can also be used to keep your hectic calendar organized in your home office. To get more inspired, you can also include images of yourself or your family.


motivational quotemotivational quote

Add motivational quotes

Think about buying a motivational poster if you want to motivate yourself to dream big and take on that next big client. You don't have to limit yourself to cliche motivational posters; with so many talented artists out there, you can choose motivational art that suits your personal taste.

Also, making a motivational quote and imageboard that inspires you can help you be more productive. Check out our Expression Wood Prints for a classic look in your home office decor. You may personalize it with your favorite motivational quotes and designs that include your cherished names, photos, dates, and other details.

Images of nature

Adding nature into your home office, as well as photos of nature can help with productivity. If you don't have a window with a view of the outdoors in your home office, you can trick your brain into thinking you're looking at real nature by using images and art pieces with natural backgrounds.

This is a good compromise for individuals who desire plants in their office but don't have a green thumb. To bring nature to your space, Picture It Custom's Rolled Canvas Photo Prints provide you with creative control over your nature displays. They are the most versatile materials for displaying and bringing to life your nature photographs.

home officehome office

Choose homey accessories

Choose accessories that enhance the comfortable atmosphere of your home office, such as a pretty mug for a pencil holder, attractive notepads and sticky notes, and a colorful wastebasket, unless you're going for a modern design.

You can also wrap a beautiful fabric around your bulletin board, and cover bookshelves behind drapes made of the same material. Or when you're feeling a bit down, hang a picture of your favorite people or places, whether it's family or friends, a beach or a snowy peak. Remember why you're working so hard: so, you can spend your free time doing what makes you happy.

Framing photos would be much better. Our Custom Framed Canvas Print is a lovely way to show off your favorite artwork or photos from special occasions. It would look fantastic on the wall of your home office. We make sure that your photos would look great after custom printing them on high satin canvas to make every pixel glow.

Build a storage wall

Unique shelving systems can be used to create a storage wall for your home office. You could be inspired to put everything in its proper place if you have a place for everything. Many people are inspired by a tidy workstation.

While with a corner shelving system, you can maximize the space in your home office while maintaining a simple and contemporary look. Corner shelf solutions allow you to keep your room clutter-free while maximizing the amount of space available. This home office idea is ideal for those who need to work from home in a small space.

In any case, having a place to store your miscellaneous items is never a bad thing.

Good wall lighting

The most important factor in the workspace is the availability of natural lighting. Working under artificial light for long periods of time damages the eyes and your overall health. In this case, having sunlight is a great option.

You must keep your windows open and free of curtains. Also, if you require curtains, choose a light-colored cloth. Keep the window blinds open all day to allow more natural light into your home office.

However, if you don't have windows to let in natural light, you may opt for office wall lighting to get the perfect working light. You should also avoid harsh fluorescent lighting when shopping for lighting because it strains the eyes and produces migraines.

wall clockswall clocks

Add a clock

It’s critical to keep track of your time in the office.

You can buy a stylish clock for your home office that will be displayed in the living room as well as the working space. If you serve clients from several time zones, having a large clock is also beneficial. You should have many clocks indicating different time zones in this case. It will give the office a more professional appearance.

If an ordinary clock doesn't make you more motivated, consider our Custom Photo Wall Clocks. You can personalize your clock with your favorite photos to fit your office decor.  It’ll help keep you from procrastinating or getting distracted, so you can focus on getting things done.

Display your team photos

In the corporate world, having a strong team is important to success. You can also show the value of your team at your home office by displaying your team photo on your desk. These can include things like team outings, office parties, and team-building exercises.

At Picture It Custom, we have Freestanding Metal Photo Prints that allow you to display your team photos on your desk without the use of frames, mounting hardware, or an easel. They come in various shapes, including round, curved, heart, square, and hexagon, to add significant creativity.

Put your achievements on display

Having a large display of your accomplishments is one of the best home office wall decor ideas. It might be a trophy cabinet or a gallery wall section with all of the newspaper clippings and photos.

It will boost your self-esteem while also showing your success. This is also a good addition to your wall to show your clients that you've worked hard and accomplished many goals.

Add a realistic look to your home office wall with our Exclusive Custom Metal Washboard Prints to make it more appealing and visible to your clients. Because of its three-dimensional design, your photos that illustrates your hard-earned success will appear even more remarkable and unique.

Avoid cord spaghetti

Even though electronics are portable, they must be plugged in at some point. Some people feel unmotivated when their workstations are cluttered with wires that can become tangled and untidy.

To avoid the spaghetti look, plug equipment into a power strip hidden behind your desk, or use a chord cable that wraps around numerous cords. You may also use cable organizers to keep unsecured charging cords accessible without flowing across your workspace.

These cable organizers are available in various shapes and colors, so they can not only keep all those cable wires in place, but also ensure that the "look" you want in your home office is maintained.

Start decorating your home office

It makes sense to set up a home office where you can be productive and comfortable, and where you like spending your workday. It should also be a space that you are happy to have in the background of your video call.

When it comes to designing your workspace, there are numerous home office wall ideas to consider. Customizing your home office design is one of them since it adds style to your space while also allowing you to be more inspired and productive.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home office space with custom design, browse Picture It Custom’s products for a one-of-a-kind customized home office décor.

October 29, 2021
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