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How to Organize and Preserve Your Digital Photos

How to Organize and Preserve Your Digital Photos
September 22, 2020 22 view(s)

How to Organize and Preserve Your Digital Photos

Do you ever feel like you’re capturing precious moments only to lose them in the black hole that is your phone? The perfect shot so quickly gets buried under other lesser photos and screenshots. And when you do uncover it, it’s still stuck on your phone, where only you can see it. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to organize and preserve your digital photos so they can be truly enjoyed. Here’s how to get started.

     1) Schedule monthly photo maintenance. 

Set a calendar notification once a month to go through your camera roll. Delete the duplicates, shots where people are blinking and anything else that’s just taking up space. Keep the photos that make you smile. Doing this once a month keeps it from becoming an overwhelming task. Plus, it’s just a nice reminder of the good things that happened that month.


     2) Pick a backup system.

Phones break, and memory cards get lost. That’s why choosing a backup and storage system for your photos is a must. Dropbox, Google Photos and iCloud are popular, but there are many more to choose from. Look for one with a strong track record and a format that feels intuitive to you.


     3) Organize your albums by month.

After steps 1 and 2, organizing your photos by month will come naturally. In fact, some photo storage services will do it automatically. If a special event happened during the month (like a wedding or vacation), consider creating a folder within the month for further organization. 


     4) Get prints of your favorites.

Ultimately, the best way to preserve your photos is to get them off your digital accounts and onto prints that your whole family can enjoy. Get a canvas print of your favorite family photo. Create a collage of vacation memories. Or design a unique wood photo book for each of your kids. The possibilities are almost endless. But the important thing is that your precious memories get to be truly cherished, bringing joy to all who see them.