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How to Pick the Right Size Print for your Space

How to Pick the Right Size Print for your Space
February 11, 2021 28 view(s)

How to Pick the Right Size Print for your Space

Photo prints bring personality, color and beauty to your favorite spaces. But picking the right size for your wall art can be tricky. Too big, and you may overwhelm the space. Too small, and your carefully selected pieces will feel lost in the rest of the room. So, here’s how to pick the right size print for your space.


1. Determine where the photo print will hang.

Determine where the photo print will hang.


Will your print hang alone on an empty dining room wall? Or will it be a complementary piece, hanging over a dresser or mantle? 


2. Get out your measuring tape.

Get out your measuring tape


Once you’ve determined where the print will hang, you may feel like you have a feel for what will fit well. But don’t just take a guess. Looks can be deceiving, and it’s easy to over or underestimate the size of the space you’re trying to fill. If the print will be positioned over a piece of furniture like a bed, measure the bed. If the print will be on an empty wall, measure the wall. 


3. Do some math.

Do some math


The standard rule is that a photo print should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the space it’s intended to fill. So, if you are hanging a print above a 60-inch wide bed, you’ll want your art piece to be around 45 inches. This creates balance and allows any piece of furniture to work as a visual anchor in the space.


4. Select your print.

Select your print


Now that you have your measurements, you can start shopping for pieces that will fill the space. For more expansive spaces, select a landscape oriented photo to cover more area. For taller, narrower spaces, select a portrait orientation. Don’t forget to keep frame size in mind when selecting your final size. 


Finally, if you’re choosing between two pieces, bigger is almost always better. Smaller prints tend to get lost, but bigger pieces will always make a statement.

What if you already have a photo print in mind? Simply reverse these steps to find the right size space for your print. After all, decorating your space is all about making it your own!