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11 Best Retirement Gifts for Co-Workers

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December 24, 2021 145 view(s)

11 Best Retirement Gifts for Co-Workers

Retirements have ramped up in the past year. As of 2021’s third quarter, 50.3% of the adults in America have gone on to retire. Sooner or later, an older colleague of yours will start to consider retirement. And they deserve a great farewell gift.

Many of Picture It Custom’s customers have ordered personalized retirement gifts for co-workers whose hard work and diligence over the years deserve commemoration. The gift could be for a utility or simply funny. These retirement gifts are often cherished long after the colleague leaves the organization.

Retirement Gift Etiquette

Companies are typically expected to spend out of respect for the employees’ loyal services for both the retirement party and gifts. However, as an individual employee, you are not expected to spend a lot on retirement gifts.

It may not even be required or expected to offer a gift, but it’s considered good manners to attend the retirement party with a card or a small, inexpensive present. It’s your way of extending thanks to your colleague for their many years of service. And it’s an opportunity to wish them well in their future adventures.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Luggage tags

For that coworker who loves traveling or plans to spend their retirement visiting other countries, this is a thoughtful gift that they’ll use often. An elegant leather luggage tag durable enough to last their many journeys will look wonderful on their bags during transport.

But a customized luggage tag to commemorate their retirement, engraved with their name or covered with their photo, will be even better. A metal luggage tag like what we offer here at Picture It Custom will also be durable enough for many vacations.

If your company plans a group gift, you can go the extra mile and give your future retiree an overnight travel bag. You can have it customized and embroidered or engraved with their initials. It makes an extra special travel-themed gift that they can utilize for various purposes.

 “Things to do” or “bucket list” poster

Now that your colleague will have plenty of free time, find out what their goals are. Ask about their hobbies or interests or what they look forward to doing the most. After collecting these interests and aspirations, you can create a bucket list or a things-to-do poster to pin up on their wall.

You can also present them with a scratch-off poster with hidden items that can give them plenty of things to do. Posters like these often have entries such as “read a new book” or “learn a new sport,” all of which can help your colleague discover something new about themselves in their spare time as a retiree. Be sure to select one with many entries, so it’ll take a while before they can complete the list.

woman writingwoman writing

A “life story” journal

Sometimes, retiring from their careers gives people a sense of loss. If they’ve been working so hard for so many years and suddenly find themselves with nothing to do, they’ll have trouble filling the days. They may begin to feel unsatisfied or have moments when they look for purpose.

Present them with a life story journal. These books are guides that can help them create a memoir of their life. Memoir books can also help them pinpoint their brightest memories and most poignant turning points. It’s a great retirement gift to give someone who has many stories about their lives that they can tell others.

Not only will journals like these help them stay busy, but they can also remind them of everything they have achieved in their lives. It reminds them that they have done so much and come so far and that there’s more to look forward to as they continue writing their memoirs.

A picture book of their best office moments and memories

Continuing on the theme of reliving memories, a photo book or a photo collage book is a popular retirement gift. Collect photos of the retiree’s moments in the office, during office events, or award moments. Compile them into a comprehensive photo collage or create graphics that flow like a book documenting their career.

It’s a great piece of custom memorabilia to give your colleague and reminds them of all the hard work they’ve done. It would also be great to add pages that feature messages, positive testimonials, and well-wishes from people who had been the retiree’s coworkers and teammates. It’ll act as a trove of memories that they can look back upon.

Engraved home goods

Now that they’ll have plenty of time to stay home and relax, your retiree friend could use some new home products. Gift them an engraved tumbler to keep drinks hot or cold. Inscribe it with their name, initials, a short message, or even the company logo. You can even go the extra mile and gift them a set of customized drink coasters to go with it. They’ll be helpful when the retiree is entertaining guests in their home.

An engraved cutting board is another valuable item they’ll get plenty of use out of. There will be plenty of reasons to do some home cooking now that they stay home more. It’s a beautiful gift for a retiree who’s got a genuine interest in cooking. Help them feel more like a home cook with a customized cutting board that has their name engraved on it.

Even something as simple as a customized fridge magnet becomes special if you use a photo of them from work.

funny signfunny sign

Funny decorative signs

Give them a memorable gift that will remind them to have a little fun now that they’re retired. A customized, decorative sign gives them a great piece of décor for their home. A humorous retirement-related customized sign or something that indicates plenty of time for their hobbies would be best.

For example, a custom warning sign that says “Retired: Under New Management, See Wife for Details” can bring a smile to anyone’s face. A road sign that says “Retiree Street” is another that would go nicely in their garage. For the golfer or the fisherman, you could give them a “Retired, Out Golfing” sign which would look great in their study room.

A retirement photo puzzle

Few things take up as much time as putting together a puzzle, and your retiree friend will soon have plenty of it. Giving your colleague a puzzle as a retirement gift will be a charming gift that can also act as a piece of décor around the house once completed.

Take it to the next level by gifting them a customized photo puzzle. While it’ll be less challenging to put together, it can easily become a whimsical decoration piece for their living room or their study. Choose a great picture of the retiree or a fun moment in the office. They can complete the puzzle and look back on it as a lovely photo from work.

A custom “just retired” license plate

A vanity plate makes anyone feel special, like a VIP in a fancy car. While you can’t give your retiree a vehicle, you can provide them with a custom license plate with their initials and the company logo. And even though they might not be able to use it in a practical sense, they can add it as decoration around their home. 

You can also make the license plate one with a humorous quip about retirement on it. In the same way, married couples have the “Just Married” sign on their wedding cars, your colleague can have a plate that says “Just Retired,” commemorating their retirement life.

Christmas ornamentsChristmas ornaments

A custom Christmas ornament

It’s the perfect gift for someone retiring around the end of the year, during the holiday season. Many people enjoy adding ornaments to their Christmas trees that feature important memories. Some people also like adding customized ornaments to the tree to make it more personal.

Give your colleague a custom engraved Christmas ornament to commemorate their first holiday season as a retiree or remember their last year of work with the company. Not only will it look charming on their tree, but if you engrave it with their surname and a greeting, it may even become a family heirloom in the future.

Message postcards

Customized postcards that feature the retiree’s best career moments or funniest office photos are another great gift that comes with heartfelt messages. Have custom postcards printed and invite everyone in the office, especially if they also appear on the photo of a specific card, to write a message on each postcard.

Give the whole bundle of cards to the retiree during their farewell party and have them look through all the messages. It’s an excellent opportunity to give the retiree great photo memories alongside positive messages and well-wishes from the people they have worked with through all these years.

An engraved plaque or trophy of appreciation

Finally, you can present an engraved plaque or trophy of appreciation as a retirement gift to your coworker. While an official plaque from the company would be best, you can also turn it into a humorous present itself.

Present your coworker with an award for a unique achievement during their time at the company, such as Most Number of Coffee Cups Consumed or other similar inside jokes. It helps them feel appreciated, remembered, and most of all, loved by the rest of the team.

Make it a Memory That Lasts for Years

Give your retiring colleague a gift that they can use and enjoy for years to come, acting as a lasting memory of their workplace. Ensure that they receive a quality item by going to professional engravers or printers.

Picture It Custom uses high-grade materials and premium inks for all the merchandise in our store. This ensures that all items are created with bright colors, crisp printing, and are durable. We make gifts that will last for years without fading.

Give your retiree a wonderful printed gift by browsing our collection of engraved items.