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How to Create the Perfect Staircase Gallery

How to Create the Perfect Staircase Gallery
November 1, 2021 63 view(s)

How to Create the Perfect Staircase Gallery

Stairwell gallery walls are a popular alternative for displaying art, allowing you to build a polished and elegant collection of art in your home. It's a simple and inexpensive way to make a large visual effect in your home; all you need are a few hours of your time, a collection of paintings and photo frames, and a blank stairwell.

The staircase gallery walls are an excellent approach to make use of an often-overlooked area. They're beautiful when done right, but they're tricky to pull off, especially on a sloping staircase where you don't have a clear starting point and it's a challenge to figure out where to place your carefully curated collections.

However, we're here to make things as simple as possible for you. Everything you need to know about putting up an eye-catching staircase photo wall is all here.

Staircase Gallery Wall Ideas to Get You Inspired

Choose art

Begin by gathering a collection of art for your gallery wall, assuming you don't already have one. Any gallery wall starts with deciding what type of art to display and choosing a common theme.

Decide on what you want to include in your staircase picture wall. However, because there are so many various genres of art to choose from, remember to be imaginative and think beyond the box. For example, you could tie break the neutral colors in a minimalist room with pops of color through modern art pieces.

Of course, the best kind of “art” you could put on your wall are the ones of people you love, such as:

· Family photographs

· Graduation and recognition photographs

· Fine art prints or paintings

· Kids art projects

· Sculptural pieces (wall baskets, hanging plants, wire grid wall panel)

· Heirloom pieces such as framed jewellery and other material

Choose items that make you happy or bring back memories of people, places, or events from your past and present. Your gallery wall should be a representation of who you are and what you've accomplished in life.

If you have a lot of photos of recognitions and want to place them all in one frame, our custom wood print option creates one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Our custom wood photo collage is made from durable natural wood and is a unique way to cherish your memories and to share with future generations.

Create a theme

Once you've decided on the type of art you want, choosing a theme can help in integrating all of the individual pieces of art together to form a greater piece of artwork. Pick out your favorites and group them by themes, such as family, unforgettable places, happy moments, or another combination that means something to you.

Choose colors that complement your house design or the tone of the wall you wish to show art or prints in or simply ones that make you smile. Also, remember that having a theme doesn't imply everything has to be the same in terms of color and size.

wall decorwall decor

Consistency with the frames

You'll need to think about frames once you've decided on the art you want to show. For a more harmonious aesthetic, you can use frames similar in color and finish, or mix and match styles for a more eclectic approach. You should also think about size; mixing and matching frames of various sizes will provide a striking visual appeal.

The key to having your images look aesthetically consistent and balanced is to arrange them all at the same height and with the same materials above each stair so that they look equally up the wall in harmony with the staircase.

Use a single type of frame for all your greatest photos for a polished, coordinated style or go for a more diverse and funkier look by using frames of various shapes and sizes.

If you want to have precise custom sizes and museum-quality prints of your favorite photos, get it with Picture It Custom’s custom canvas photo prints. Our custom photo canvas printing and framing sizes are perfect for glamming up the walls of your staircase.

Plan a layout

Planning a layout might be difficult. Before you start placing frames, you want to experiment around to make sure you get it properly. If you have enough space, place the frames on the floor in front of the wall to get an idea of how they will look together.

For a successful gallery wall, it’s best to cut paper templates roughly the size of your frames and then arranging them in a pleasing pattern on the wall to help you decide on spacing and placement. Paper templates are particularly useful for mounting because you can drill directly through them with your screws.

Don't be discouraged if it takes a little tweaking to get it just right. Take your time and develop a plan that complements the space rather than conflicts with it.

A simple tip, if you're having trouble envisioning the additional layer of the slanted centerline, start by arranging them as if they were a standard gallery wall (non-slanted) as you decide where to place them. Then move them to the slanted layout or the placement you like.

Be more creative

Be creative with the layout's shape to provide an extra element of interest. Imagine all of the individual pieces of art arranged in a rectangular pattern in your stairwell.

It might be boring since it’s the usual style. Alternatively, if you have a tall, vertical wall at a stairwell landing, you may arrange the art in shapes other than the traditional rectangular arrangement.

You might also arrange your photographs like puzzle pieces to create a specific shape. For example, you could use a collection of your family photos to illustrate the heart shape. Consider it a customized photo collage on your wall.

You can also benefit from current trends such as custom metal prints in whimsical shapes. It'll showcase your unique style while also providing a fun way to exhibit vacation images, school photos, wedding photos, and other memories.

We also have Custom Wood Photo Puzzle Pieces that you can use to display individually or to create a thematic puzzle by connecting your family, wedding, vacation, and other photos together.

wall frameswall frames

Mix and match pictures with objects

Who says wall art has to be limited to photographs and prints? Mixing in things as part of your overall wall design can add a little diversity and a lot of aesthetic flairs.

This concept allows you to be creative while still having your personal style shine through. It’s limitless, so don't be afraid to put a wide variety of items.

For example, if you're a musician, a vintage instrument might be displayed with custom framed prints of some of your favorite musical idols or song sheets of your favorite song. If you love to go to beaches, you could hang a surfboard between two pieces of wall art depicting waves and seashores. And, if you love cars, you could attach old license plates or road signs.

At Picture It Custom, our custom metal road signs are unique wall décor for your stairway photo gallery. You can personalize them with names, pictures, and more.

Wall timeline

This is another creative photo wall concept. A wall timeline is the way to go if you want your photos to convey a story. Collect images from different periods of your life and arrange them on your wall in the correct chronological order.

A good example is your maternity photos. By having maternity photos taken, you're giving your child a glimpse into a world they'll never be able to experience for themselves — the time their parents spent together before they became parents. They'll have tangible evidence of how happy you were to meet them.

This is a never-ending timeline because you may include images of your child's growth as well as photos of your family. For a more interesting view, place them along the sloping walls of your staircase giving the idea that your family is ascending towards new beginnings.

Light it up

Consider adding extra lighting to the staircase if you want to add a little drama to your staircase photo gallery or spotlight a certain photo. Install wall sconces on the other wall for a soft gallery-wide glow, a spotlight to highlight a specific photograph, or track lighting to illuminate many photographs. Lighting isn't required to create a staircase photo gallery, but it can help elevate the design.

Customize Your Staircase Gallery Wall

It doesn't have to be a daunting task to arrange images in your staircase. Picking which photos to use will most likely be the most challenging part.

Whether you want a rustic vibe with a unique design like wood picture pallets, or you want to make a statement with a traditional canvas print, or even a gallery wall of mixed wall art like a high-quality metal print displayed with various custom options, there is something for everyone.

Picture It Custom has all of the custom wall art you'll need to transform your gallery wall staircase into a work of art. See what else is offered in our Picture It Custom collection for more unique designs.