Top Custom Gift Ideas for Under $30

Top Custom Gift Ideas for Under $30

Top Custom Gift Ideas for Under $30

When it comes to thoughtful presents, it’s hard to top a custom gift. It automatically shows a deep level of care, affection and effort. But custom gifts also tend to be pricey. So, we’ve made a list of our favorite personalized gifts that won’t break your budget. Keep scrolling  to get our best custom gift ideas for under $30. 



1. Metal Photo Clock

Metal Photo Clock

Choose a special photo with your loved one and infuse it into a 100% recycled aluminum clock. With their vibrant colors and glossy finish, these clocks have become fast bestsellers. They’re the perfect custom gift for anyone who keeps a tight schedule or just wants a daily reminder that it’s OK to slow down for the ones you love.



2. Personalized Metal Street Sign

Personalized Metal Street Sign

Let your loved ones show their quirky sides through custom metal street signs. Personalize the street sign with a last name, favorite city, sports team or inside joke. These signs are a fun addition for any playroom, dorm room or workshop!



3. Expression Wood Print

Expression Wood Print

Combine your favorite photos with sweet expressions of love for any family member. We have a host of templates to choose from, with options for moms, dads, old friends and anyone else you care for. Each custom print is handcrafted in the U.S.A. from durable birchwood, making for a lasting personalized gift.



4. Photo Puzzle Piece

Photo Puzzle Piece

Each of these laser-cut wood puzzle pieces makes a great custom gift on its own. But why limit yourself? Design one for each member of the family, creating a whole puzzle of shared memories and stories. When everyone takes their pieces home, you’ll each have a reminder of how you fit together and make each other stronger.



5. Wood Postcard

Wood Postcard


Create a postcard your farflung friend will cherish forever. Choose a photo and write your own personal message to display on a 4x6 cut of premium birchwood. Each postcard comes with a natural wood stand to display on a desk, shelf or wherever it will catch your loved one’s eye.

November 20, 2020