Nativity Noel Wood Ornament

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Celebrate God's enduring love with our Nativity Love natural wood ornament. Each Nativity Love ornament comes ready to hang with a swirl metal hook. Upgraded hanging options include twine and a variety of ribbon colors.

Enter your text to begin customizing your ornament today! Standard desktop keyboard letters, numbers, and symbols can be used when creating your Nativity Love ornament. Each ornament measures 4.5" x 1.75" x 0.25”.

The personal story behind the Love and Noel Nativity ornament designs from artist Adrianne R.

”The first Christmas after our daughter died, there was no excitement in my heart for the festivities and magic of the Christmas season. One night there was a knock on our door and we discovered a pretty box on our porch. Inside was a regal Wiseman with flowing robes. The following day there was another knock on our door and another box on our porch. This time we found a humble shepherd with a sheep at his feet. Day after day we received and opened, a new box with a beautiful sculpted figure. Finally, on the last day, upon opening the box we found a little baby Jesus, completing our nativity. This nativity is a treasured gift. It communicated the love our anonymous gifters had for us and the knowledge that they knew this particular Christmas was a difficult one for our family. This wooden nativity came out of that memory. We placed the characters of the nativity around the words “Love” to remind us of the reason we celebrate Christmas—the love of Jesus Christ. When we look at this wooden nativity we remember the love we felt that sad Christmas season and the way this generous gift lifted our spirits and filled our hearts with peace. We hope to share that love with you and that when you place this nativity on your mantle you can remember to share love with those you care about and remember the love of Jesus Christ.” - Adrianne R.  

Celebrate the reason for the season with our Nativity Noel natural wood ornament. You’ll treasure this personalized, laser-cut ornament for years to come. Engraved with your choice of name or words, this Nativity Noel ornament makes a perfect gift or family memento.