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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Wood Photo Prints Customizable?

Yes, of course! All our wood photo prints are customizable! You can choose the shape, size, and design you like the most!

Actually, wood is the perfect canvas for printing pictures and creating personalized items!

Therefore, if you are looking for a personal photo gift to show your significant other that you love them or immortalize your favorite memories with your family, our photo prints on wood may be all you need!

What Type of Finishes Do You Use for Your Custom Wood Prints?

When it comes to photo-printing on wood, we apply a matte finish that can camouflage imperfections and give your wood prints a better and more versatile appearance!

Moreover, we follow a specialized process to guarantee the final result is high quality! After getting your picture printed on wood, we apply a matte finish for a rustic yet modern look that goes well with any type of wall decor.

Thanks to this high-quality matte finish, your wood photo prints will have a silky-smooth surface that captures all the beautiful colors of natural wood!

Can I Get Custom Wood Pictures of Any Size?

If you want to get your photos printed on wood, you can choose any size or design! We offer our customers a variety of modern sizes ranging from 5x7 up to 16x20 with a ½ inch thickness.

When buying our items, you only have to consider your needs and preferences. Are you going to hang your wooden photos on the wall, or do you prefer a piece of art for your nightstand? In both scenarios, we have the option you need!

What Should I Do After Printing a Personalized Photo on Wood?

Our personalized wooden pictures come ready to hang on the wall!

They have routed edges and a keyhole groove, meaning you only have to hang your precious photos on the wall as soon as you get them!

Why Should I Choose Your Wooden Picture Prints?

We want to offer our customers beautiful items with durable finishes! Therefore, we make sure that all the photos we print on wood are perfect, of quality, and completely adapted to your needs!

In addition, the visible grain of natural wood makes all the photos we print on this beautiful material unique pieces of art.

One of our prints can be the exclusive photo gift you were looking for to show your family how much you love them or just add a lovely decorative item to your wall!

Also, we use premium wood only for all our photo prints to guarantee quality results!

What Is Wood Grain?

The term defines the arrangement of wood fibers, so it's the beautiful pattern you can see in the wood!

Besides being the perfect canvas to print your photos and most precious memories, wood grain makes this material one of the best options for customizing and decorating.

What Kind of Materials Do You Use to Print Pictures on Wood?

We use smooth, fine-grained birch wood to create quality handmade photo prints!

Can I Get a Wood Portrait?

Yes, of course! You can print any photo you want on wood. You only have to check our website or call us to get more information about our products!

I Want to Print My Pictures on Wood! Can I Choose the Colors?

Our wood prints are customizable, meaning you can choose your favorite colors and match your wall or decoration. However, keep in mind that we don't print the color white. Instead, your image's lighter areas will have the natural color of the wood as a background.

Do You Print Any Type of Pictures on Wood?

We reserve the right to cancel orders that display or include abusive, vulgar, offensive, and obscene content or have pornography, nudity, or partial nudity.

What Is the Average Processing Time?

The average processing time is three business days, but all orders begin production within one day of purchase. After that, you'll have your photo print ready to hang on the wall!

You can also contact our team to receive your beautiful photo gift on a specific date.

What Elements Can Affect my Wooden Photo Print's Quality?

Photo printing can be affected by the number of pixels in the image, lighting, or zoom.

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